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Lovely People

Mitch Grassi performing Find You with Evan Duffy on piano. He looks and sounds more manly here (which is totally sexy, I love it). Slayed the cover!

I have to say that although it broke my heart, I was, and still am, glad I was there.
Markus Zusak in The Book Thief (via wordsnquotes)

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I just read a fic where Scomiche was an official couple but they broke up and SUPERFRUIT ENDED. And I truly felt sad.


Elsa Takes Residence at Walt Disney World Castle

From the Celebrate the Magic show at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, featuring Cinderella’s Castle transformed by light into the Castle of Arendelle.

Source: Disney Parks Blog, [here]. Note that the text refers to her as “Princess Elsa.”

(My extended review of Frozen appears [here].)

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if you ever think you have it rough just remember butterflies are colorblind so they can’t see how beautiful they each are.  they also don’t own mirrors

and i promise to do so this month, with the help of my little brother.


Last one I think-

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Petition for Mitch Grassi to have his own Wikipedia page. Pretty please?

Pentatonix doing a spontaneous remix of Run To You.

  • 00:22 - Scott starts his sexy dance
  • 00:25 - AVI’s FACE
  • 00:31 - Kirstie starts stomping and clapping
  • 00:33 - Mitch enters like the queen he is and then he just slays it
  • 00:41 - Kevin’s sick beats

I have watched this video so many times. I especially cannot get over Mitch and Scott dancing. 

After 2 weekends, 4 days, and 12 exams, I am finally done with the Physician Licensure Exam. In a couple of days I will know the result, and I am claiming the best outcome. :)

I am another step closer to achieving my dreams. Thank you, Lord. <3


hot as fuck dear god

Dancing Mitch is my favorite kind of Mitch. Especially when he dances like this.

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"QUEEN (MITCH) WILL DO WHAT QUEEN WILL DOES" t-shirt designs. i’m still thinking about which one i’ll have printed. you guys wanna help me pick? i’m thinking of having it printed on a black or deep purple shirt with metallic gold lettering. what do you think?